IRC-test - assessment of intercultural competence

The IRC (Intercultural Readiness Check) is one of the leading tools for assessing intercultural competence. It was developed by the company IBI based in Laren, Holland. More than 25,000 members of international organizations have assessed themselves using the IRC. The test is accessible online and takes about 30 minutes to complete. The following four core aspects comprising intercultural competence are assessed:

  • intercultural sensitivity,
  • intercultural communication,
  • building commitment and
  • managing uncertainty.

The IRC feedback is helpful, easy to understand and offers straightforward solutions for personal development. The written feedback will be analyzed in a 1 hour feedback session focusing on the participantĀ“s current situation and her/his potential for development. The participant gets insight into his/her current level of intercultural competence and suggestions for further development.

It does often make sense to continue with an individual coaching.