Heimat auf Zeit

Cosima Peißker-Meyer

"Heimat auf Zeit":
European Women in the Arab world

2002, 222 S., kart., 25,80€
ISBN 978-3-89942-103-3
Transkript Verlag, Bielefeld

Global mobility is a signature of our modern world, and the number of those leaving their "Heimat" or home country behind to live and work in another country and culture for a limited time is increasing. Even though the group of expatriates is playing a key role in the process of globalization the dynamics and implications of this lifestyle are  merely investigated.

This PhD-study takes a look at the practical dimensions of globalization as reflected in the everyday life of expat women currently living in Damascus. A detailed picture of the "bubble" of the expat community arises showing the individual efforts of women striving to create "Heimat auf Zeit" - a home away from home for a limited time - for themselves and their families.