Profile - Dr. Cosima Meyer

My home country - in German being called "Heimat" - is Germany. However, I have already been at home in many countries. This has influenced me a great deal - my attitude, my self-conception and my way of life.

Cosima Meyer has lived and worked in different countries for more than 12 years. To start with she studied geography in Göttingen and London and then she worked as GIS-trainer (geographical information systems) for different companies in Germany, Holland and Oman.

Then she did further education to become a certified intercultural trainer of the University of Jena. In Argentina she became accredited business coach of the ICC (International Coaching Community). She gave trainings in Buenos Aires and in Germany and works as coach with intercultural focus. Cosima often integrates the IRC (Intercultural Reaadiness check) that allows to assess the intercultural competencies of individuals and teams.

In January 2010 Cosima Meyer started Intercultural Relations. She is member of the Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research (SIETAR) and of the International Coaching Community (ICC).

Cosima Meyer speaks English fluently and Spanish and Dutch very well.

She is married and mother of three grown-up children born in three different countries.